The Grammy-winning R&B artist gets real about her highest-charting pop single and life with the Notorious B.I.G.

Grammy-winning R&B star Faith Evans. (Janell Baraket)

It’s been a long day. You’re tired and a little down. You fiddle around in your pocket for your keys and finally find the right one. You open the front door to find an ocean of lit candles, shadows dancing on the walls. Red rose petals form a path leading into your bedroom, and when you enter, ______ is there in bed waiting for you. The lights go out.

Yes, faithful reader, it’s whoopee-making time, or as we like to call it, “Tuesdays.”…

Meet an army of tiny athletes, all hanging out in a Pennsylvania man’s basement.

Part of Joe Curcio’s massive collection of Starting Lineup figures. (Courtesy of Joe Curcio)

By Will Levith

In July, Pennsylvanian Joe Curcio is turning 40.

While some men on the cusp of such a major age milestone might be brimming with self-doubt or spiraling towards an imminent midlife crisis, Curcio seems cool as a cucumber. That’s because he discovered his own personal Fountain of Youth 25 years ago: Collecting Kenner Starting Lineup statues (“SLUs,” to collectors), which he started as a teenager. And he’s obsessed.

Sure, his Brobdingnagian collection — five or six mint-in-box figures, 1,000 loose figures, and 10…

Back in 2014, I wrote a series of stories for the now-defunct men’s lifestyle website, Made Man, that my editor awesomely titled “Oral Hit-Story.” The idea was to track down as many bands from my childhood and interview them about the chrysalis of their highest-charting or most recognizable single. In all, I published more than 20 — and one of them seemed more than a little bit relevant right now. Here’s the uncut, full interview I did with Public Enemy’s Chuck D about the rap classic, “Fight the Power.” (It has been edited lightly with some clarifications.)

It’s a particularly…

Award-winning trainer Todd Pletcher tops the inaugural ‘saratoga living’ horse racing Power List. (Susie Raisher)

We’ve really done it this time. For the first time in our 21-year history, saratoga living has accomplished what no other local media outlet has ever dared to try: We’ve created-and ranked(!)-a stellar list of the most powerful individuals impacting horse racing in Saratoga Springs right now. It’s a roster of familiar and perhaps not-so-familiar names, who not only share an unquestioned love for the Sport of Kings, but also come to land on this historic list because of one all-important word: influence.

So, if…

The Saratoga band’s original lineup — Pete Donnelly, Mike Gent, Pete Hayes and Guy Lyons — goes in depth on their breakthrough album.

The Figgs (from left): Pete Donnelly (bass/vocals), Mike Gent (guitar/vocals), Pete Hayes (drums)

I was 14 years old when my older brother, two years my senior, first brought home The Figgs’ 1994 album, Low-Fi At Society High. As it was with every CD my brother owned in those days, he listened to it obsessively, so much so that his high school band began covering tracks from it. The album had that much of an immediate impact on him. (If my memory serves me, his three-piece band did versions of “Favorite…

As a full-time freelance journalist by trade, it’s my job to be creative. Every conversation I have, new person I meet, book I read — anything, really — could be a potential source of new inspiration. I’m constantly fidgeting with the Notes app on my iPhone or opening up a new Google doc to jot down ideas about my next writing project.

While most of these ideas get written down, only some of them get developed into formal pitches. I have hundreds of half-baked ideas in various stages of disrepair, lying in wait to be developed into feature-length or short-form…

Will Levith

Editorial director at Saratoga Living/Capital Region Living, two lifestyle magazines based in Saratoga Springs, NY. |

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